Marqo Cloud is Generally Available

February 26, 2024
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Today we are excited to announce that our managed cloud platform is generally available! Now anyone can easily scale and manage Marqo search applications in the cloud.

To get started, sign up via the Marqo Cloud console here.

Marqo Cloud delivers a fully managed solution for Marqo, encompassing all the attributes of the open-source software. It's designed to equip users with the essential tools for scaling Marqo, from initial proof of concept to expansive production operations. With our cloud platform you can:

  • Scale at the click of a button
  • Utilise CPU and GPU inference pods
  • Create and configure indexes with a GUI
  • Access 24/7 support
  • Configure highly available deployments
  • Enjoy low latency search from our optimised configuration
  • Manage users and API keys for your service

Marqo announces Marqo Cloud general availability to provide developers with a powerful platform to leverage the power of vector search at scale.

What is Marqo?

Marqo is an open source end to end vector search engine. Marqo allows anyone to build vector search into their application with ease. It comes pre-configured with many state-of-the-art open source models for searching across text and images. If you need more control then Marqo also supports bring your own fine-tuned models.

What is Marqo Cloud?

Marqo Cloud is the fully managed service for Marqo. Marqo Cloud brings all the features of the open-source software to a managed service that provides you with everything you need to scale Marqo from proof of concept up to massive production deployments.

Marqo Cloud is an optimised deployment of Marqo offering low latency search, index replicas, various pricing tiers, a UI for management of indexes, access management, and an identical API to our open-source offering.

No more BYO embeddings

Our system is more than just a regular vector database, it’s end-to-end vector search. Vector generation, storage and retrieval are handled out of the box through a single API. Marqo lets you select from a wide range of open-source models to get started quickly, you can also bring your own fine-tuned models for more customised search behaviour.

Usage based pricing

With Marqo Cloud you pay only for the resources you need, for as long as you use them. Just choose your preferred storage and inference types, and how many instances you require. Billing only starts when you create your first index.

Marqo Cloud is self service, you have control over what resources are running on your account and you can add or remove indexes and inference pods as needed.

Scale at the click of a button

Easily take your application from ideation to production. Simply pick an inference and storage configuration, and away you go. All load balancing, configuration, and infrastructure orchestration is handled for you.

High Availability

With Marqo Cloud, you can effortlessly replicate your indexes across multiple Availability Zones (AZs), ensuring you can scale your search with high availability and fault tolerance.

Low Latency

Marqo's storage and inference infrastructure is co-located. This means end-to-end low latency searches for tens of millions of documents with high request velocity.

24/7 Support

Get dedicated support from our specialists 24/7/365. No matter how small or large your project.

Access Control

Manage your accesses and API keys for members of your organisation with the Marqo Cloud console. Your API keys secure your Marqo end-point.

How do I get started?

Head over to the cloud console to make an account and get started. You can also check out our features, getting started, and pricing pages for more details.

Join our Community

The Marqo community is a great way to get quick answers to your questions. You can join our Slack community to chat with the community and the Marqo team or ask questions and raise issues on GitHub and our community forum.

We are always excited to see what members of the community are working on so don’t hesitate to share your creations in our community showcase!

Thanks to our Contributors and Stargazers

Our core technology is driven by the open source community, we want to thank everyone who has starred our repo, raised a PR, found a bug, or requested a feature!

Owen Elliott
Solutions Architect