Scale Seamlessly with Marqo Cloud

Marqo cloud is the fastest way to take your existing code to production. Simply update your URL and API key to have all your existing code run on our scalable cloud infrastructure where you can allocate as much or as little compute infrastructure as you need to support your application.

Marqo is more than just a regular vector database, it’s vector search.

Vector generation and management are included out of the box. Marqo Cloud pricing is comprised of two parts: storage and inference. You can scale storage and inference to meet your needs. Billing is determined by the per-hour-price of your chosen instances multiplied by the number of instances you allocate.

Multimodal search

Marqo Cloud is built to be highly available. Configure indexes with replicas or multiple inference pods for redundancy. See our SLA for more details on availability and support.

Low Latency

Marqo cloud scales to meet your needs, you can expect low latency searches with millions of documents and high request velocity. Marqo searches include the inference to create your vectors.

Account Management

Manage your accesses and API keys for members of your organisation with the Marqo Cloud console. Your API keys secure your Marqo end-point.


Storage refers to the hardware which hosts your vectors and enables the searching of those vectors. Your storage scales with the size of your data. With Marqo you can pick from three tiers of storage: basic, balanced, or performance.


Marqo is a documents-in-documents-out system, inference hardware converts your documents into vectors for you. CPU instances are recommended for smaller models or where latency is not crucial, GPU instances are recommended for larger models where low latency is critical.


As you grow, you can scale your storage capacity and inference throughput by increasing your number of instances. Swap between CPU and GPU inference to customise your cost, concurrency, and latency behaviours. You can even sale to zero if not actively using an index.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial available?

If you want to get started with Marqo for free you can download and use our Docker image for free. Please refer to our getting started guide for instructions on how to get set up with Marqo locally.

Can I bring my costs down to zero?

Of course. Marqo cloud is billed based on what infrastructure you allocate. If nothing is allocated (no indexes and no inference nodes) then no costs will be incurred.

What is the cancellation policy?

We understand that things change. You can cancel your Marqo cloud account at any time or you can simply delete all your indexes and turn off your inference nodes to stop billing.

How many users can I have on my account?

You can add as many users to your Marqo cloud account as you wish, users can generate their own API keys once they are added to your account.

How does billing work?

Your Marqo cloud account will receive one itemised bill for all your storage and inference infrastructure allocated. Please see our pricing page for details on exact costs and billing calculations.

How do I anticipate costs?

Whenever you do anything in Marqo cloud you will be shown how much it will cost per month. The billing console also provides you with a break down of cost so far and an estimate of your total for the month.

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